Hi, I'm Petra Stephenson

Petra Stephenson - Office Management & Permaculture Design

Petra Stephenson - Office Management & Permaculture Design

I grew up in Germany where I first qualified and worked as a dental technician. I then worked in Germany, England, and New Zealand. In 1995, Andrew and I completed a permaculture design course that changed our lives. Permaculture is a holistic, integrated design system that can be applied to anything in life. In 1997, we created our architectural business in Tauranga. In 2010, I received my diploma in environmental management from Massey University. I also completed a sustainable settlements course, a course in earthworks for water management and a soil food web course taught by soil-biologist, Elaine Ingham.

While living in Tauranga, Andrew and I designed our eight hectare property which incorporated an energy efficient home and well-planned garden, orchard, woodlot and life stock paddocks. Later, we decided to move into a motorhome for five years with our three teenagers. This gave us great insight into living completely off-grid and provided a head start to the tiny house movement. Today, I design edible landscapes for city sections and lifestyle block owners. I am passionate about edible landscapes and incorporating water resilience into my designs to combat climate change and associated weather extremes.


Soil food web, course with Elaine Ingham
Earthworks for water harvesting, course with Geoff Lawton
2008 – 2010
Environmental management, diploma
Ecovillage & sustainable settlement design, advanced course
Permaculture design, certificate
1980 – 1984
Dental technician, apprenticeship Germany