Who we are

Nelson Tasman architects with a passion for beautiful & sustainable designs

Bell Stephenson Architects is based in the Nelson/Tasman District. We love helping to find you sustainable architectural design solutions that are beautiful to look at, comfortable to be in, and that enhance the surrounding environment. 

But what do we offer?

We combine our passion for beautiful designs, permaculture principles, and over 40 years’ combined experience to bring you a space that you love. From new homes to a brewery, we’ve designed projects for clients with all types of visions and budgets. Check out our work.  

Integrating Permaculture

We work with nature to create stylish and sustainable spaces. The best part is you get a space that is beautiful, contemporary, and, most important, a joy to be in. Learn about permaculture & green building architecture

That’s us, we’re different.

Our philosophy

The way we work

  1. Spaces should inspire positive emotions. We take delight in creating spaces that work well and are a joy to be in.

  2. Communication is vital. Successful design must start with a deep understanding of our client needs. This means clear communication from start to finish.

  3. Our designs are unique to the client and location. We follow no particular style but rather take our cues from the landscape, site conditions and your particular requirements.

  4. Sustainable architectural design should fit seamlessly into each project.

  5. We work on every project personally from concept through to the completion of the building to enable the follow through of the design.

  6. We build upon our local knowledge of the environment, climate, local expertise and materials.

Sustainable design philosophy

  1. We base our designs upon permaculture principles. Learn more about permaculture here.

  2. We use passive solar design and orientation.

  3. We endeavour to reduce environmental impact.

  4. We aim at creating quality design with a smaller environmental footprint - bigger is not necessarily better.

  5. We endeavour to utilise natural resources - wind, water, sun. This can include grey water treatment systems, rainwater collection, and solar water heating.

  6. We endeavour to future proof projects by creating multi-functioning spaces and features.

  7. We encourage energy efficient design.

  8. We are experienced with the Homestar rating system to evaluate our designs to give you an independent assessment of how sustainable your project will be.

Our services

We offer a wide range of services to suit all types of architectural visions and budgets. We love  to help create unique spaces for our clients—spaces that are beautiful to look at, comfortable to be in, and that enhance the surrounding environment. Have a dream? Let's talk.

Our services include residential, interior, renovation, commercial, education, & integrated landscape design.


Our Team

Our team came together over a common interest of sustainable architecture & together we share over 36 years' experience. Meet us→

Our Process

Learn about the process of bringing your architectural dream into a reality. Learn more→