Integrating the landscape

Our designs focus on making the most of your lands resources by creating bountiful edible landscapes. We use the following steps to create your permaculture space:


Site Analysis Drawing 

We start with a discussion where we find out about you, your site and wishes. We then analyse your site and all the elements influencing your property and capture this in an site analysis drawing. 


Permaculture Water Plan

Water Plan

On bigger properties, we create a water plan identifying existing and potential freshwater sources. It includes how any water is used, guided, re-usedand disposedof. We overlay access routes as these can double as water pathways. Planning access early is important to enable you to enjoy the whole land easier. 

Permaculture Concept

Permaculture Concept Plan

The permaculture  concept plan indicates themes, purpose areas, position of structures and types of plants, taking into consideration the previous findings especially in terms of water, nutrient and energy flow 

Permaculture Detailed Design

Detailed Design

The detailed design specifies types and numbers of plants, reasons why we chose them and complimentary groundcovers. We also provide a design service for outdoor structures, paving and chicken runs.


Our Projects

From new homes to a brewery, we’ve designed beautiful & low-impact spaces for clients with all types of visions & budgets. Learn more→

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