Our permaculture designs 

Our permaculture designs integrate the house with the landscape. Landscaping for us is not just a pretty garden, but one that has multiple purposes and is truly integrated with your site. Our focus is on creating edible landscaping and making the most of your resources, whether it is in your backyard or lifestyle block

Permaculture encompasses buildings, land, climate, animals, paths, water, people and plants, introduced or existing on site. These are all linked into an integrated network, building resilience and greater self-sufficiency. Whilst nature is in constant flux, Permaculture designs are able to cushion extreme outside influences resulting in dynamic stability.

The purposeful placement of elements on your site can save you time and create a healthier place to enjoy. Designing what should go where will give you a plan of action and confidence during planting and construction.  

A Sustainable Architectural Solution

Want to reduce your time in the garden without resorting to concrete? We can use clever design where nature does part of the work and creates abundance that you have time to enjoy. 

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